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Motivation convenience

Even poor people are interested in investing in a latrine. It improves the convenience and also contributes to the pride of a family. The Party plays an important role in motivating people to adopt latrines as well.

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Sanitary mart by Ram Krishna mission, West Bengal, India

Sanitary Marts are small production units run by women. These Sanitary Marts are not run by a private sector; they belong to NGOs, for example the Ram Krishna Mission.

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Good business for masons

For many masons in rural Vietnam, latrine production and installation has become an important business. With proper marketing, they can specialise in this activity and thus create a sustainable delivery channel.

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Sanitation in schools – West Bengal

Schools play a key role. Headmasters and teachers are spreading the message. Many slogans have been created in the form of songs and poems. Children need to learn these messages.

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TV before latrine

IDE – International Development Enterprises has successfully marketed latrines in Vietnam. This clip shows how families are interested in latrines. Many have owned a TV for more than 10 years.

Une mouche est plus funeste qu’une centaine de tigres

L’assainissement total comme un métier profitable et une action communautaire au Bangladesh et ailleurs.

Par Urs Heierli et Jaime Frias avec les apports de Soma Gosh Moulik et Shafiul Azad Ahmed

Résumé condensé

Vue d’ensemble: Changer l’orientation depuis l’offre vers la demande

C’est une triste, une dure réalité: à chaque heure, chaque jour suffisamment d’enfants meurent de maux intestinaux pour remplir un jumbo jet. Il est profondément violent et véritablement triste que ce fait ne mobilise pas réellement les gens. Ces enfants meurent silencieusement, sans soulever aucun tollé, sans provoquer de manifestation de solidarité humaine; rien de ce qu’il peut y avoir après un tremblement de terre ou un tsunami.



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Sanitation in West Bengal: Reaching Children with poems

Sanitation and hygiene education: It is important to involve children and educate them. Poems are a good message and the children do get the messages. But they don‘t always remember them – or they are simply too shy to repeat them in front of the camera.

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Achieving total sanitation in West Bengal

Local Government: The Gram Panchayat has an important role. This Chairman is very proud that his village has achieved 100 % sanitation with a significant impact. Child mortality and the incidence of diarrhoea have both decreased dramatically.

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Sanitation needs in a slum

Urban sanitation issues in slums:

It may be technically more difficult to provide sanitation solutions in slums, but the needs are definitively more pronounced. Some 50 families share two latrines, but even this is a great relief in such a densely populated area. Where could they go for open defecation in such a dense environment in a city with 15 million people?

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Total sanitation: Involving the community in Bangladesh

Community: The involvement of local government and village committees is crucial to achieving a scale-up beyond the reach of small NGOs. Women members of the village committee express their views on sanitation.

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