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1   Link   SDC
Swiss Agence for Development and Cooperation
2   Link   IDE
IDE International Development Entreprises
3   Link   IDEI
IDEI International Development Entreprises
4   Link   Antenna Technologies
Antenna Technologies geneva
5   Link   Child Fund India
Childfund India
6   Link   Gram Vikas
Gram Vikas
7   Link   Teri
Teri India
8   Link   Skat
Swiss Resource Center and Consultancies for Development
9   Link   Sorane
Sorane SA
10   Link   Entec
Entec Consulting & Engineering
11   Link   Devalt
Development Alternatives Group
12   Link   SIMI
Small Holder Irrigation Market Initiative
13   Link   Paul Polak
Paul Polak - Out of Poverty
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