Present and potential contribution for cooperation with SDC in the case of Tunisia

by Andrea Courtin


By transferring money, investing, founding philanthropic organizations or introducing new competences and ideas, diasporas can contribute to the development of their country of origin. Their contributions can support, complement or expand governmental development cooperation. This master thesis deals with the present and potential contribution of the Tunisian diaspora in Switzerland to the socio-economic development of Tunisia. It analyzes how the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) is supporting these efforts and what could be done to further increase the impact on the development of Tunisia. This thesis first provides a theoretical overview of the concepts of migration and development, defines the relevant terms and discusses the numerous ways these concept are influencing each other.

A theoretical framework for the engagement of diasporas is presented. Then the situation in Switzerland and Tunisia regarding international migration is analyzed, with a particular focus on the Tunisian diaspora in Switzerland and its contributions to the development of its country of origin. Finally, the present commitment of the SDC for diaspora engagement in Tunisia is discussed.

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